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Twitter Master is the ultimate light as a feather twitter tool. All you need in one go. There's no place in your joomla template that this module won't fit. And you better have room fit it because Joomla Twitter Master is the module that will put your website in the twitter world of social share. The best way to engage your joomla based website users in one of the most important social networks in existence. A must for the U.S. market where Twitter rules the social scene Twitter Master was specially designed and coded to fit your joomla templates in any position. There's more, it comes with double punch or action that is, combined Follow Us button and Re-Tweet button to boost your website visits and user interaction. Packed with Tweets, Lists and the new Twitter Video, Content and Searches API. Paying special attention to the module php code, we are happy to tell you that it loads in less time then a blink of the eye with no errors or conflicts whatsoever. That's not all, you may even choose to display bubble counters for followers and or re-tweets. To finish this introduction, no need to speak english, we packed this plugin with more than 30 languages to fit any joomla website location.

Master Twitter like never before... fast load times, error free code.

Twitter Master Options

  • Twitter Master is the supreme twitter package with everything you need. Manage Twitter like a professional even if twitter is down
  • No need for heavy components or system plugins, light as a feather Twitter Master replaces all that and can be used inside articles with Joomla native loadposition
  • Compliant with the new Twitter API
  • Makes no use of Javascript and Ajax, error and conflict free
  • Fast loading times
  • Easy to use, comes with label instructions

Twitter Viral Buttons

  • Twitter Username: your twitter username, no need for @ symbol
  • Selectable Button Layout: Horizontal / Vertical
  • Option to Display Follow Button
  • Show Username: Show username in Follow Button
  • Show Followers: Show bubble with number of twitter followers
  • Option to Display Tweet Button
  • Show Tweets: Show bubble with number of re-tweets and @via
  • Option to Display Hashtag Button
  • Insert Custom Hashtag Text
  • Option to Display Mention Button
  • Automatically picks up your username to mention
  • Button Size: Small / Large
  • Select Language: Select your preferred language, includes 30 languages plus

Twitter Tweets

  • Master your Twitter like a professional even if twitter is down
  • Compliant with the new Twitter API
  • Via Api you can control: Number of Tweets to display
  • Via Api you can control: Plugin Width
  • Via Api you can control: Plugin Height
  • Via Api you can control: Plugin Dark or Light Colour scheme to match your template

Twitter Lists

  • Customizable to fit any template size or color
  • Packed with display options
  • Adapts to any template color scheme or module position

Twitter Video

  • Responsive Videos at your fingertips
  • brings the best of Video Content on Twitter

Twitter Content

  • Brings you the best of Tweets Content on Twitter

Twitter Search Content

  • The professional Twitter Content Searches

Joomla Options

  • Module Class Suffix: Module Class Suffix
  • Caching: Yes / No
  • Publish inside Joomla articles with loadposition

Demo... below this line using joomla loadposition.


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