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Joomla Weather Master

Weather Master is the perfect heavy duty joomla weather module, just like "on TV". This extension is Fully Mobile Responsive. "The Story", we were asked by a major news network to develop a fast loading heavy duty weather extension for their website. Weather Master by TechGasp was born.

Built with TechGasp framework and html5 code this is the weather module for any serious or professional joomla website. Weather Master is fully Mobile Responsive. Packed with easy options to publish in your template best areas to display weather. Also, packed with joomla loadposition to quickly add gorgeous weather display inside your joomla articles.

Accurate, Real-Time Weather Information Forecasts "on click" the gorgeous forecast icons. According to the selectable weather detail level it will also display real time clouds overlays. To "top it", you can use your mouse inside the display clicking and dragging the display around also, with your mouse wheel you can to zoom in and out to have narrow or wider weather overviews. Built for news agencies, Weather Master is an innovative way of displaying weather by city level, state level or country level… just like on TV. Fast page load times and no conflicts or errors, Weather Master is 100% SEO Ready to improve your wordpress google rank.

Weather for Joomla just like "on TV"...

Weather Master Main Options

  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Specially designed for business, news, etc. joomla websites
  • Error and conflicts free, no javascript
  • Built with html5, Fast page load times and SEO tested for perfect Google Rank
  • Gorgeous Weather Icons
  • Includes 2 gorgeous Weather Icon Packs for Maps. Standard Weather Icons and TechGasp Weather Icons
  • Real-Time Weather Forecasts
  • Accurate Map Weather Forecasts if you click the forecast icon
  • Now Maps are packed with Geo Location (GeoLocation), provide weather info automatically to each user according to user location. This feature depends of the user browser capability of parsing it’s location.
  • Includes 3 types of Weather Display. Google Weather Map, Current Weather for a City and 7 days Weather Forecast for a city and UV Map
  • You can combine the 3 display into each joomla article

OpenWeather Views

OpenWeather Google Weather Map

  • Includes City Level Weather detail
  • Includes State Level Weather detail
  • Includes Country Level Weather detail
  • Option to custom change the weather level detail. Example worldwide, 2 cities, 2 states, etc.
  • Option to display Weather in Celsius (metric) or Fahrenheit

OpenWeather Weather Forecast

  • Supports Metric or Imperial units
  • Provides selectable (1 to 7) days of weather forecast from over 200,000 cities
  • Packed with gorgeous Android HTC Weather Icons and image labels
  • Displays Location and Current Temperature
  • Displays Weekdays with Temperature and Weather Forecast
  • Optional display of Full Weather Link

OpenWeather Current Weather

  • Easy to use and fast loading
  • Supports Metric or Imperial units
  • Displays weather for any location on Earth including over 200,000 cities and 40.000 weather stations
  • Packed with gorgeous Android HTC Weather Icons and image labels
  • Displays current Temperature plus High and Low Temperature
  • Displays current Humidity Percentage
  • Displays current Wind Speed, Gusts, direction and degrees
  • Displays current Weather Pressure
  • Optional display of Full Weather Link

OpenWeather Ultraviolet Map

  • Displays Ultraviolet Index Number
  • Displays Ultraviolet Warning Color
  • Beautiful Map of your City, Beach, Mountain, Valley, State, etc. with color overlay
  • Option to change the display name of your location, example Death Valley, Area 51, etc.
  • Outdoors activities will love it.
  • Don’t go out again with the wrong SPF cream!!!

Joomla Options

  • Insert Weather Master inside your Joomla articles with loaposition.
  • Easy to use, Label Instructions included for fast deployment
  • Module Class Suffix included
  • Caching options available
  • Websites with https or ssl require a pro openweather api key, their free api key only works via regular http. Please visit openweather website for professional api keys.

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