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Joomla Amazon Deals Master

Another must have income generating extension for all joomla based websites. With Amazon Deals Master you can automatically display the hottest deals from Amazon in any module template position. Based on Amazon API, there is no template space too big or too small this module won't fit to automatically generate sales and revenue for any joomla administrator. There are millions of small joomla websites, but they all have the same outstanding problem, how to generate stable income for the owner or webmaster. Thinking about this huge problem, TechGasp is proud to introduce 3 great extensions that are able to generate thousands of dollars per month for any joomla webmaster, Amazon Deals Master, Groupon Master and Google Ads Master. The Amazon Deals Master is fully customizable allowing you to display Gold Box Deals, Deals by Category (discount high, medium, low) and even Warehouse Deals with deep discounts. Among other features, it is also packed with ad sizes to fit any module template position. What are you waiting for to join the Amazon network and start "caching in".

automatic income for joomla...

Amazon Deals Master Options

  • Automatic income for any joomla website...
  • Uses Amazon API
  • API ad sizes
  • API deal discounts
  • Encapsulates all Amazon scripts for perfect SEO
  • Ready for all Amazon deals:, and
  • Minimal code, fast load times, error free, no conflicts

Joomla Options

  • Module Class Suffix: Module Class Suffix
  • Caching: Yes / No
  • Publish inside Joomla articles with loadposition
  • No Javascript or Ajax

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